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About 2rent AB

Our mission

Renting equipment should be simple and flexible. The customer must feel safe and secure in what is delivered. We are a wholesaler in the rental industry. We provide materials and support for the equipment and ensure that it is delivered in the best condition to our customers wherever they are. We have a small but very competent staff and very high quality and standard of our equipment. For many customers, 2rent is a reliable supplier and partner. With the help of a strong and clear vision, we have steadily increased our operations, sales and profits.

Our story

2rent was founded in 2007 by Nils Fischer. Henrik joined later the same year as partner, and today they own the same amount of shares in the company. 2rent main business is rental of technical equipment, both owned and third-party rentals. 2rent rent out lighting, audio, video and other events and related products.

The company comes previously from PROCON Stockholm and had its focus on exhibition lighting and theater. 2rent has now expanded to Audio and Video as well. Thanks to our extensive investments and strong marketing, we have quickly succeeded in building a stable market for this. Today, 2rent owns a stock of material that is well adopted for the market.

Our innovations

We believe that only innovative companies can be effective and serve clients best these days. That is why significant investment is being made into online Rental Catalog available 24/7 for all our customers. Rental catalog and rental system is 2rent innovative tool that helps us on a daily basis to serve clients faster and not to lose any details from the first request until equipment is back to our warehouse. We continue to extend detailed description of our products and automate Used Gear for sale catalog.

We want our customers to have the most pleasant experience when working with 2rent online, at the office or over the phone.